Innovation Lab

In the two-story Innovation Lab, "maker"-space becomes classroom space, and the result is a unique toolbox for inspiration. The iLab, as it's known, was created as a place to inspire our students and faculty to explore beyond the boundaries of disciplines such as science, music, art, and technology, and to promote innovative thinking that leads to student-led discovery at every grade level. Shore faculty incorporate the iLab into their curriculum to encourage their students with hands-on exploration and critical thinking.

Pre-K through Grade 5

Grades 6-9

Innovation Lab Happenings

Spring 2015

Grade 5
  • Creating a maze out of wood, nails, and rubber bands, then working together to move a ball through the maze
Grade 6
  • Science classes will be creating their own water pumps
Grade 7
  • Science class will be building joints of the human body
Grade 8
  • Arts class will be creating wood sculptures

Innovation Lab Manager, Cam McNall

"Discovery and understanding are two key elements of Innovation Lab projects. Through the manipulation of real world materials, students realize both the importance of their conceptual learning and participate in the creation of unique expressions of that learning."