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Just as every child’s Shore experience is unique, the variety of opportunities for involvement offers families, grandparents, and alumni several ways to participate. Daily life at Shore is enhanced when community members share their time and talents with the school. Volunteers in the Advancement Office, Admissions Office, and the Shore Families Association are key to Shore’s success.

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  • Advancement Volunteers

    The Advancement Office works with a dedicated group of individuals who volunteer their time and effort to support advancement activities with a common goal of supporting the school. Through opportunities such as serving on the school’s Advancement Committee, as a grade-level Class Captain, or a Constituency Chair (Alumni, Family of Alumni, Grandparent, Former Trustee, Faculty & Staff), volunteers work to advance Shore’s mission by educating the community about the value of philanthropy, promoting The Shore Fund, inspiring participation, and assisting Shore in reaching its fundraising goals. To learn more, contact Kelly Baker, Director Annual Giving and Family Engagement, at or (978) 927-1700 x224.
  • Alumni Volunteers

    Through the generous gifts of time and resources, dedicated alumni make a vital contribution to Shore. We hope you will consider staying connected to Shore by assisting with alumni events, serving as a guest speaker, and supporting our annual Giving Day initiative. To learn more, contact Katie Kozin, Director of Institutional Advancement, at or (978) 402-3816.
  • Admissions Volunteers

    Shore’s Parent Ambassador Program focuses on increasing Shore’s recognition in the region, facilitating word-of-mouth marketing, and strategically expanding our connections in the community. Families participate in the program in a variety of ways such as serving as advocates, tour guides, and new family hosts. To learn more, contact the Admissions Office, at or (978) 402-3804.
  • Shore Families Association

    Shore Families Association (SFA) volunteers support the school community by fostering collaboration between the school and families. All parents and caregivers are invited to get involved through fun, welcoming, and fulfilling ways to volunteer. With choices ranging from room parent to event management, helping in the library or at the Winslow reception desk, to recycling and sustainability, there are many roles to suit all types of time commitment, interest levels, and skills.

    For more information on volunteering with the Shore Families Association, please contact SFA Chair Dayna Morton P'28, '29 and Sara Tollerud P'29, '34 at

Thank you to the 100+ volunteers who shared their time and talents with Shore in 2020-2021!

Laura Winthrop Abbot '93, P'28, '31
Michelle Allen P'22, '25
Stephanie Amanti P'31
Katie Attia P'30, '31
Alissa Baird P'29, '31, '32  
Ricky Bansal '19
Caitlin Bard P'29
Nancy Benchoff P'15, '20, '22
Maura Blundin P'17, '18, '20, '22
Sandra Bonacorso P'24  
Brooke Booth P'24, '26, '29  
Loren Malfitano Borges '97,  P'31  
Steve Boyko P'19
Ian Brady P'25, '28, '31  
Ron Cardarelli P'22  
Rebecca and DJ Cass P'23, '26
Danielle and John Cataldo P'22, '26  
Anneke Chang P'29, '32
Taylor Chin '11
Maria Colella P'26  
Stacylee Kruuse and Steven Connolly P'27, '27, '32
Kathryn Contarino P'25, '26
Grant Cooper '97
Michelle Crafton P'27, '29  
Lauren Crane P'26  
Erin and Patrick Curley P'25, '28  
Jamie Curley P'24  
Dino Di Palma P'25
Thuy and Khoa Do '86, P'22, '24, '26  
Amanda and Matt Dobbins P'18, '21
Julia Dobbins '18
Gabby Edokpa '21
Jay Edokpa '19
Robin Ellis P'21
Katie Fates P'18, '22, '25
Anna Felton Faulk '97
Caitie and John Fawcett P'25, '28  
Susan Fortin P'15, '18, '19
Franklin Foster P'22, '24, '28  
Hugo Foster P'22, '24, '28  
Jennifer and Anthony Frye P'26  
Eloise Goedkoop '20
Kristin and Daan Goedkoop P'20, '22  
Wells Goltra '18
Angelle Goodman P'26  
Jeanne and Jay Gould P'22, '24  
Dina Hamel P'26, '29  
Rayna Lesser Hannaway P'25, '27  
Joanne Harder P'92, '94
Elizabeth Shorts Harrigan '92, P'25, '27  
Barbara and Matt Iler '81, P'20, 22, 24  
Lily Iler '20
Edith Iler-Wiedemann '80
Amanda and Ned Jackson P'24, '29  
Gatey Kagan P'22, '24 
Kelly and Mike Kettenbach P'28, '29

Lauren Ledbetter P'29, '29
Emily LeMieux '18
Ethan Liebermann '97
Carolyn and Blake Liggio P'29, '29  
Erica and Domenic Marinelli P'19, '21, '25  
Amy Marks P'24, '26  
Denise Marks P'16, '21  
Tim McEwen P'26 
Alison McMaster '92, P'25, '27  
John McVeigh P'21, '23  
Nate Morgan '08
Dayna Morton P'28, '29  
Patti Murphy P'18, '20, '25  
Keisha Myrie
George Noble '85
Laura Noonan P'29 '31  
Kelly and Bill O'Connor P'23, '26  
Peter Pappas P'23  
Erin Pararas P'27
Elia Perez Tessicini P'25  
Darcie Pervier P'24, '27  
Santo Politi P'19, '22
Debra Pulpi-Friedlander P'27
Lori and John Racho P'25
Stephanie Recchia P'26  
Jenelle and Dave Ries P'25, '28, '30  
Farah Roman P'27, '31  
Susan Sahovey GP'26

Jane Schlueter P'22, '24 
Thomas Seman P'05, '06
Betsy and Will Shields '84, P'14, '18, '21
Elizabeth Skates P'22  
Todd Slocum P'25, '29  
Brooke and Gordon Spater P'22
Alexa Squitieri P'27  
Will Starkweather P'31
Loretta Stokes P' 05, 09
Brandon Stroman '94
Kate Sullivan '97
Emily and Chad Sumner P'21, '22, '25  
Sara Tollerud P'29  
John Tucker P'11, '15
Michele and Phil Vaccaro P'24, '27  
Erin and Sander van Otterloo '91, P'22, '25  
Arlene Verde P'24
Megan Wallace P'23, '25  
Robin Wallace P'30
Zora and Bob Warren P'20, '23  
Beth White P'14, '19
Brigid Woelfel '18
Sarah and Mel Wolfgang P'23, 25  
Alex Yen '08
Alex Zaldastani P'20, '21

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