Technology @ Shore

Walk into any learning space at Shore and you will see technology at work. Whether it’s being used to connect students with other classrooms around the world, design a presentation to demonstrate a concept that’s been recently mastered, or create a soundtrack for a student-created movie, academic technology is being thoughtfully integrated into each child’s Shore education. Shore Faculty readily incorporate new skills into their teaching to engage students with diverse and collaborative learning experiences for students.

Shore's Technology Center
Shore has full-time technology professionals to manage Shore’s robust infrastructure, the various information systems, and academic technology services. The Technology Center creates a “hub” in the middle of campus near the Library where students, faculty, staff, and even parents can gather to get help with a device, learn about software, or just to see what’s printing on our Makerbot 3D printer! The Technology Department is dedicated to helping all our community members become self-reliant, confident, creative users of technology who can choose the right tool for the job to express their ideas.

Goals of the Program

The purpose of academic technology at Shore Country Day School is to encourage innovation, promote productivity, and enable our students and teachers to make connections and share discoveries within and beyond the Shore community. We will strengthen teaching and learning across all disciplines by:
  • Preparing students to become responsible digital citizens
  • Integrating technology skills for creativity, collaboration, and hands-on learning
  • Offering professional development for faculty in the use of technology
  • Providing uniform access to leading-edge technology resources

Powerful Partners

ISTE Standards for Students

Shore applies nationally recognized technology standards for student achievement from ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, as our guide. These standards include vital skills such as reading, writing, research, presentations, creativity, organization, and digital citizenship.

The ISTE Standards for Students describe the skills and concepts necessary to prepare children for the future. Each standard is built around the type of student we hope to nurture. Shore’s Technology Council, a small group of administrators, staff, and faculty, is developing a technology skills continuum demonstrating a logical progression of technology-related skills and tasks. This sequence maps out our path to help our students achieve these ISTE standards and assure that their exposure to technology is consistent throughout their Shore careers.


Shore relies on the G-Suite for Education, a free collection of web-based tools for productivity and collaboration. All Employees and students in Grades 4-9 have a Google account and can create, edit, and share documents anywhere, anytime and on any device. Learn more about Google’s commitment to keeping student and employee data private and secure.

Tech in the News

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Tools at a Glance

  • All Shore students have easy access to technology tools in their classrooms for a wide range of learning activities and creative expression, such as iPads, MacBook Airs, and Chromebooks.
  • Students in Grades 2-9 are assigned their own device to use during the school day when curricularly appropriate.
  • Shore Faculty also have access to a wide variety of technology resources for teaching purposes, including MacBook Air laptops, iPads, interactive projectors and whiteboards, Apple TVs, document cameras, and digital cameras. Technology is viewed as a transparent teaching tool allowing faculty to enhance and personalize the learning process for students.