Upper School Sports

Shore has a long-standing belief that participation in athletics is an important element of a well-rounded education. In Grades Six through Nine, seasonal sports participation allows students to choose from a variety of athletic experiences.

The athletics program provides experiences for students of every ability and experience. In addition to teaching basic sports skills, good sportsmanship, fun, and camaraderie are emphasized.

Interscholastic team play begins at Grade 6. Our teams compete with other independent schools in the Boston area. The sports listed below are traditionally offered each year. During the winter term, students may choose to participate in theater in lieu of a sport. Additionally, students committed to a sport not offered in Shore's program may opt for one seasonal athletic exemption per school year.

Shore’s faculty and administration are often seen working with students on the sidelines. Teachers enjoy sharing their interest and expertise and students benefit from knowing their teachers both in and out of the academic classrooms. Shore coaches work with our students to learn valuable life lessons such as how to work as a team, how to win and lose with dignity, and how to develop skills to handle competitive situations.

Athletics at Shore brings our community together as participants and fans, furthering our school spirit and pride.

Fall Winter Spring
Cross Country
Field Hockey
Theater (non-musical)
Squash +  Paddle
Theater (Grade 7-9 musical)
Theater (Grade 6 play)
Track & Field

For more detailed information, please see the GUIDE for SHORE ATHLETICS.

– Upper School student

“One of the highlights of the athletic program at Shore is the amazing coaches. They helped me to improve so much and gave me a newfound appreciation for sportsmanship and fitness.”

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