The Music Department at Shore stretches every student in full range of musical experiences. General music classes and large group ensembles provide numerous opportunities to explore the different dimensions of music through singing, playing instruments, composing, and movement. Performances are a key component at Shore, for they create a venue for our young musicians to be featured both individually and collectively.

Beyond the classroom, Shore offers an extensive choral program, including select male and female a cappella groups in the Upper School. Students may audition for the annual Main Stage musical production as an elective. Instrumentalists have the opportunity to participate in the school’s chamber ensemble. Performance opportunities include the annual talent show, Acapalooza, the Thanksgiving Assembly, the Winter Concert, and the Spring Concert.

Please visit our Lower School Music and Upper School Music pages to hear our students singing.

Grade 7 student

“I love to sing and Shore offers lots of chances for me to do it! This was my first year in Acafellas and I had never sung a cappella before. It was really fun and I can’t wait for our next concert.”

Latest Performances

Shore Performs!

Performance opportunities are endless for Shore students. We have a busy performance calendar which helps us celebrate throughout the year.
  • October: Halloween Concert -- Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade One
  • November: Thanksgiving Concert -- Pre-K through Grade Nine
  • December: Winter Concerts -- Pre-K through Grade Nine
  • February: Acapalooza -- Acafellas and Puellae Cantantes
  • March: Winter Musical -- Grades Seven through Nine
  • April: Pop/Rock Concert -- Grades Six through Nine
  • May: World Music Concert -- Pre-K through Grade Five; Spring Concert -- Grades Five through Nine
  • Talent Shows, mini recitals, and school assemblies -- Pre-K through Grade Nine
Shore Sings!
Our students participate in choral festivals throughout the year, individually and in ensembles.
Festivals and Competitions:
  • MICCA Choral Festival
  • Solo and Ensemble
  • MMEA Junior District Auditions
  • MMEA All-State Treble Chorus