Shore at a Glance

Lunch Program

Shore’s food service provides morning snacks and lunches. To accommodate a variety of ages and tastes, the lunches offered include daily choices from hot entrees and a salad bar to fruit and sandwich ingredients. Shore's kitchen staff pays special concern to student and faculty dietary needs. Food allergy alerts are posted and nut-free zones are established in the Dining Hall, as needed. 

Children in Grades 1–9 are provided with morning snacks and lunch. Lunch is supervised by the faculty in all grades. Grades 1–5 enjoy rotating to assigned tables throughout the year in the Dining Hall, while older students enjoy greater independence. Ninth graders enjoy the privilege of their own dining area. Pre-K students and Kindergartners bring their own lunches and eat in their classroom. Pre-K and Kindergarten classes may, alternatively, order a bag lunch from the kitchen through the Lower School secretary. Due to food allergies, some classrooms may be designated as nut-free.

Shore's chef works closely with parents regarding individual food concerns such as allergies, diabetes, and vegetarian preferences.