Shore at a Glance

Dress Code

The Shore Dress Code is intended to set a standard of neat, casual, and appropriate dress for a school with high expectations for students presenting themselves responsibly. The simplicity of the code allows for easy identification, reduces fashion competition, and offers families options within a reasonable budget. It is the responsibility of the family to send children to school dressed in a manner that complies with the dress code.
  • Dress chino-style in cotton twill or corduroy solid color
  • Fitted casual pants in solid color are permitted
  • No cargo style pants permitted
  • No blue denim permitted
  • Length must be mid-thigh to Bermuda length
  • Only dress chino-style shorts are permitted
  • No patch pockets or cargo are permitted
  • No blue denim permitted
  • Dress cotton twill in solid color
  • No patch pockets or cargo are permitted
  • Skirts and jumpers to just above the knee or longer
  • No blue denim permitted
  • Collared polo, Oxford or turtleneck in solid color
  • Short or long sleeve are permitted
  • Straight hemmed tails/bottom may be worn untucked
  • No mid-torso skin or boxers/underwear can be visible
  • Crew neck, v-neck or cardigan in solid color
  • Long sleeve or vest permitted
  • Dress code shirt must be worn underneath
  • No hoods are permitted
  • Shore gear without hoods permitted
  • Oxford, loafer, or athletic shoes worn properly
  • Shoes must be in good repair
  • Shoes must have closed toe and closed back
  • No shoes with wheels or lights are permitted
  • Socks must be visible at the shoe line