Nate Morgan '08 visits with Shore "Coders"

During Club time on Friday, January 31, Nate Morgan shared his Python programming demonstration with our Upper School Programming Club members. Students in Grades Six through Nine quickly embraced turtle graphics, the educational framework for simple graphics applications which is popular for introducing programming to kids. Nate showed how, by repeating simple moves, turtle can draw intricate shapes such as the turtle star. Nate said he has found one of the benefits of learning programming is that it supports the logical thinking used when creating complex formulas in excel.

Programming Club has been a great success during the Winter Trimester. In December our “coders” participated in Computer Science Education Week’s Hour of Code. Sponsored by members of the Technology Department and Mrs. Torres, the Club meets weekly.

Nate is a junior at Colby College majoring in Economics and minoring in Italian. He is also a member of the Colby Men’s Hockey Team.
    • Nate Morgan '08

    • Turtle Star

    • Programming Club members participate in Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week