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Shore is a Grateful Community!

“We could not be more grateful as parents. Shore is an exceptional incubator for creative expression, confidence-building, and independent learning. For us, giving back to Shore as volunteers, advocates in the community, and donors to The Shore Fund is a simple expression of our profound gratitude.”
—Jeanne & Jay Gould P ’22, ’24

“Shore's education extends far beyond the classroom, and I am forever grateful for having had the opportunity to attend. Shore taught me and others invaluable lessons and skills (reading, writing, math, science, history, touch typing, athletics, singing, acting—the list goes on and on), and gave me immeasurable gifts (confidence, passion, drive, lifelong best friends, and more).”
—Elizabeth Pruett ’06

“We are grateful to the faculty who teach our children with consistent kindness, compassion, and grace. For the skills and talents our children continue to develop. For the friendships that sustain us and lift our spirits. And for the community that inspires us.”
—Sarah and Mel Wolfgang P ’23, ’25

“The children within this community are prepared so well for bright futures through the incredible commitment by all teachers to the academic excellence here at Shore. A Shore education gives them opportunities to be the very best they can be. For me, I feel this community has given back to me so much as well, and I am eternally grateful.”
—Sallie Lankford P ’92, GP ’25, ’27

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We are pleased to offer members of the Shore community online versions of Shore’s Annual Giving Reports.