Izzo '13 Nominated for Student-Athlete Award

Ted Izzo '13 is nominated for the Salem News Student-Athlete Award as a standout scholar, accomplished golfer, and prolific performer in his senior year at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School. Izzo is also profiled in a Salem News video.

Ranked second in his senior class of 455 students, Izzo has thrived at Peabody since entering in his sophomore year after graduating from Shore as a ninth grader. "What's remarkable about Ted," said Jodi Hernandez, his guidance counselor at Peabody High, "is that he is internally competitive and never conceited." 

Hernandez continued, "Ted has managed to balance all areas of his life. Of his accomplishments in high school, he'll tell you he's most proud of balancing everything with seven AP courses and still succeeding."

With a 3.92 grade point average and score of 30 on his ACT exam, Izzo thrives in such courses as AP Statistics, AP Calculus, and AP English Literature and Composition. One teacher described the two-year National Honor Society member as being outgoing and friendly, with a keen intellect.

"For his junior year research paper," said English teacher Shawn DeHart, "Ted wrote on American propaganda in World War II. It was an ambitious project, examining both texts and visuals. His final paper was a finely crafted and insightful analysis, showing an ability to apply scholarly knowledge to a real-world application. ... His writing is both intelligent and entertaining, and I would frequently leave Ted’s papers to the end of the pile, because it gave me something to look forward to."

A starter for the Peabody High golf team the last three years, Izzo was captain of the team this past fall and earned All-Northeastern Conference honors the last two seasons while helping to guide his team into the state playoffs.

Said Peter Cronan, Peabody High School golf coach and Director of Golf at the Meadow at Peabody Golf Course, "I've found Ted to be always positive and supportive. He possesses the character and personality that will enable him to be successful in whatever path he chooses to follow."

Izzo was the Saint Michael’s Book Award winner as a junior, and he is a member of Peabody High's Captain's Council. He has been in Peabody High's Chorale Select Choir for the last two years, in the Full House A Capella group for two years, the Stage One Drama Club for three, and the Junior Rotary Club in his senior year.

Of the arts, Izzo said, "I have made some of my best friends within the performing arts community, and absolutely love singing. Off of the golf course, my participation and performance in these groups are, by far, my favorite extra-curricular, and are things that I will likely miss most after I graduate."

Izzo has been accepted into George Washington University, UMass Amherst, Boston College, Boston University, and Fordham University, and while he hasn't yet decided where he will go, he says he already has a vision of where he'll be afterwards: "I imagine myself freshly out of graduate school with some sort of degree beyond a bachelor’s in business. I know that I intend to enroll in postgraduate studies - perhaps for law, as I am very interested in being an attorney someday."
    • Pictured in the Salem News

    • With the Grade 9 Advanced Theater Arts Class in 2013