How a Goblin Flew Across the Stage During the Halloween Concert

While magic was surely involved, there was also a lot of thought that went into it all. From ideation to execution, design thinking and powerful collaboration within the art department were the special ingredients to the “oohs” and “ahhs” that filled the Trustey Family Theatre on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

How it started

Students in Pre-K through Grade 2 learned the song “The Wobblin' Goblin” in their music classes with Lower School Music Teacher Alexandra Asacker for the Halloween Concert. Asacker had first learned the song when she was in elementary school. "I loved it and knew I wanted to share it with my students," she said.

In the song, a goblin is having trouble flying on a broomstick so he decides to buy an airplane. Asacker explained that once the students began to learn the song, they all wondered if it was possible for the goblin to actually fly across the stage while they performed.

How it went

In the true spirit of design thinking, a framework used at Shore that “encourages people with different backgrounds and expertise to work together and apply the designer's way of thinking to generate innovative solutions to problems,” according to the Interactive Design Foundation, Asacker knew just the folks to call in to bring the song to life.

With a deep understanding and appreciation of the possibilities of the Trustey Family Theatre and years of technical design experience, Theater Manager Vinny Laino knew exactly how to bring the idea to life.  His plan was to use one of the curtain tracks on the stage to pull the plane across and make it fly back and forth.

Once the mechanics of the track were all sorted out, it was time for a plane. Lower School Innovation Specialist Jill Codding used cardboard, Shore’s laser cutter, glue, and some creativity, to build a plane complete with a propeller and landing gear!

The final piece of the puzzle? The goblin! S.A.I.L. instructor Betsey Holland asked around for a stuffed goblin toy to use for the plane, but when no one could help, she took matters into her own hands and sewed her very own little green goblin, ready to take to the skies.

Asacker, Laino, Codding, and Holland met multiple times to talk about how their parts would work together, and tested the apparatus after school, making sure that the goblin would have a safe, smooth, (and visually compelling) flight. Collaborations such as these are happening all of the time at Shore – in and out of classrooms, across divisions, throughout departments, and across age groups. By demonstrating teamwork and going above and beyond to bring an idea to life, these faculty members exemplified creative confidence that students notice, and can also be an inspiration for all of us!

The results

Watch this video of the Halloween Concert and see for yourself!


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