Portrait of a Graduate - Maris Moody ’20

When Maris Moody arrived at Shore as a seventh grader, she admits, “I was a timid young 12-year-old. I had a hard time reaching out to my classmates.” As a ninth grade graduate, she says, everything is different. “The biggest thing Shore has taught me is how to be myself. My classmates today see me as bubbly and outgoing. When placed in a school community where you are constantly supported, cheered on, and looked up to, the possibilities are endless.”

According to parents Kristin and Alex Moody, “Shore was the perfect landing spot and springboard for Maris. When she entered as a new seventh grader, she was asked to speak, write, and think in ways that she had not been before, she was encouraged to think critically and share her ideas, and she joined a community that offered care and challenge in equal measure.”

For Maris, completing the ninth grade at Shore has been much more than just an accomplishment to be proud of. “The ninth grade at Shore has made me a better student, peer, and citizen. There have been so many positives, from the relationships I’ve built with my 15 classmates to the newly found confidence I have in the classroom.” Perhaps the most transformative ninth grade experience for Moody was the fall service-learning trip to Mississippi. “Traveling, serving, and learning with my peers were brought to life in such a beautiful way in Glendora. Service learning is something I plan to pursue in secondary school, because of the positive impact of the Mississippi trip.”

Moody feels prepared in other ways for the next step in her journey. “Academically, I have enjoyed learning the art of discussion and participating in student-led classes. My teachers have provided the perfect balance between stepping in when help is needed and taking a step back when I needed only a small push in the classroom. Athletically, I have been through two undefeated varsity spring softball seasons, and an almost undefeated varsity field hockey season.”

In addition to academic and athletic experience, Moody will take with her to secondary school core skills including organization, time management, and confidence. “Before Shore, I didn’t realize how much an organized workspace can impact everyday and academic life, and while time management is still a struggle, I am getting better at it every day. But my newfound confidence is what I am most grateful for from my Shore experience. With all the assets Shore has provided me, I feel ready to conquer any challenges ahead of me.”

Say her parents, “While we as her family think she’s a great kid, there is no doubt that Maris leaves Shore better than she entered in so many ways. We are grateful to all who have been part of her journey. She will remain forever connected to Shore.”

    • With friends in seventh grade

    • Competing at field hockey

    • With her parents at her ninth grade graduation

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