Upper Schoolers Visit Brick Ends Farm

Brick Ends Farm, a composting facility based in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, produces bulk organic garden compost, compost tea, garden soil and compost for farmers and lawn and garden centers throughout Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. It also processes the compostable material from Shore's Dining Hall.

On April 11, Doug Lucey, Latin and English teacher and the Director of Sutainability for Shore, and Lower School S.A.I.L. teacher Betsey Holland accompanied a group of Upper School students to Brick Ends to learn about composting and explore what happens to the material from the Dining Hall. According to Lucey, the students "witnessed the awesome microbial power of 'thermophiles,' got to check out huge machines, and dug their hands into fertile mulch. It was an eye-opening experience."

Playing host to the Shore group was Peter Britton, owner of Brick Ends Farm and a parent of Shore alumni. "More than $55 billion worth of food, potential energy, and soil amendments are sent to landfills each year in the United States," he explains. "Our company helps to divert this waste by using our equipment to create organic compost, an alternative to animal manure. With waste products from cafeterias, curbside pickup, and supermarkets, we are able to create especially rich compost. In fact, some people call it, 'black gold.'"

    • Students were hosted by Peter Britton, owner of Brick Ends Farm and parent of Shore alumni.