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House System

Shore's new House System brings together students of all ages, faculty members, staff, and families in a program similar to those other top schools around the world are using to build community, increase loyalty and trust among students, and encourage friendships. In addition to having an identity as a member of a particular grade or as a member of the Lower or Upper Schools, students now have an identity as a member of a "house." Houses are a primary vehicle for connections between students across all grade levels at Shore. The House System also offers students important leadership opportunities as they progress through the grades in their house.

Capitalizing on both our school's name and geographic location, each house is named for physical features associated with the shore. The house names include Shoal House, Dune House, Harbor House, Cove House, Marsh House, and Jetty House. Each house is represented by a color, and each student receives a house t-shirt in the appropriate color to wear for house events throughout the year.

    • An all-school house meeting in the Theatre

    • Students in house colors

    • Members of Shoal House