Afterschool: SEA Shore

Shore’s afterschool program, SEA Shore, provides a wide variety of opportunities for students Monday through Thursday from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. and Fridays until 5:00 p.m. With registrations for the fall, winter, and spring trimesters, parents can tailor their children’s participation in SEA Shore to suit the family schedule. Please be on the lookout for exciting new offerings every year!

  • Childcare: Students enjoy a range of fun activities including sports, games, computers, arts and crafts, as well as educational experiences. 
  • Supervised Study Hall: Shore Study Hall is an option for students needing extra time to work on their homework in a quiet, supervised environment.
  • Enrichment Classes: Pi Squad, kidSHINE Bootcamp, Group Introduction to Ukulele, Chess Wizards, Kids on the Run, Mini Naturalists, and Jewelry Design are examples of Fall 2019-2020 class offerings. 
  • Private Music Lessons: Shore faculty and outside teaching professionals offer lessons in drums, guitar, violin, piano, and voice throughout the school year.
    • Making jewelry takes steady hands and patience.

    • Concentration is a must when playing chess!

Meet the Childcare Staff

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Jocelyn Norris

    Ms. Jocelyn Norris 

    Director of Auxiliary Programs
  • Photo of Casey Collins

    Ms. Casey Collins 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Elizabeth Cronan

    Ms. Elizabeth Cronan 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Hannah Davis

    Ms. Hannah Davis 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Emily Deachin

    Ms. Emily Deachin 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Katherine Kovacevic

    Ms. Katherine Kovacevic 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Lisel Peters-deCourval

    Ms. Lisel Peters-deCourval 

    Teaching Assistant