Afterschool: SEA Shore

Music Lessons

Private music lessons are an exciting part of Shore’s after school program, and are offered on a year-long basis to students in Grades Pre-K through 9. Qualified outside teaching professionals offer 10 or more lessons per day in drums, guitar, violin, piano, and voice.

Music offerings include:
  • Drum Lessons: (Kindergarten - Grade 9) Leo Ciaramitaro is a drummer, percussionist, and teacher of American roots-based music. Leo holds a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music and a Master of Music from Longy School of Music at Bard College.
  • Guitar Lessons: (Grades 2 - 9) With almost 30 years of music-related experience ranging from classroom teaching to the concert stage, SEA Shore presents classes in guitar instruction for all skill levels from Ross Hahn. These lessons familiarize the student with the basics and put them on the fastest track to playing songs.
  • Piano Lessons: (Kindergarten - Grade 9) Chris Frangos offers improvisational and traditional piano instruction to all ages and all levels. Chordal theory, melodic development, ear training, and sight - reading skills are emphasized. 
  • Ukulele Lessons: (Grades 2 - 9) Students will meet with Ms. Asacker after school to work on basic chords, finger picking, and simple songs on the ukulele. Students will explore classic folk songs, holiday tunes, and have the opportunity to compose their own pieces.
  • Voice Lessons: (Pre-K - Grade 9) As a voice teacher and vocal coach with over thirty years experience, Rose Tarr Kilroy learned that each child is special and has his or hers own unique talent. The basics: pitch, breathing, phrasing, diction and learning how to perform a song with confidence and joy are taught.  
    • Lower Schoolers putting in some extra practice time on guitar, drums, and vocals.

      Lower Schoolers putting in some extra practice time on guitar, drums, and vocals.