Lower School World Music Concert and Art Show 2024

On Friday, April 26, 2024, students in Pre-K through Grade 4 wowed the Shore community at the annual Lower School World Music Concert and Art Show.

Art Show
An array of student art was displayed in the Lawrence A. Griffin Center for Creativity and the Upper School Science Center, and families and friends were invited to tour the Art Show with their children prior to the concert.

Pre-K 1 - Watercolor Vernal Pools
Students created collages using various materials to explore what lives in a vernal pool. These special aquatic nurseries only exist in the spring, and our Pre-K 1 students have been learning all about them!

Pre-K 2 - Rad Race Cars
After exploring motion in S.A.I.L., Pre-K 2 students got to dream big and design their own cars. Here is an excerpt from Henry B.’s artist statement.

“My race car can go really fast because it has a fire booster. My car can also fly all over the world! It goes to where my grandma lives and lands at her house.”

Kindergarten - Soil Scenes
Kindergarten students have been learning about the world beneath our feet - sand, rocks, microbes, insects, roots, and more. To explain their understanding of soil, students created textured collages using watercolors, paper, fabrics, and organic materials like sand and soil from our garden.

Grade 1 - The Final Frontier!
Once students started learning about space the questions kept getting bigger until they were discussing nebulae, black holes, and exoplanets. From learning about the phases of the moon, the unique and colorful nature of nebulae, and the International Space Station to building simple circuits for LED lights and making special shirts for their musical performance in the music concert, students had a blast exploring space.

Grade 2 - Scientific Sculptures
Students in Grade 2 spent the winter experiencing what it's like to become a scientist. After conducting experiments of their own using the scientific method, they researched scientists and inventors from throughout history. They learned to draw realistic portraits and then sculpted their scientist out of clay!

Grade 3 - Grecian Value Vessels
In this beloved project, Grade 3 students took inspiration from their studies in their homeroom of ancient civilizations and applied it to their paintings of Greek Vases. By using only three colors – white, brown, and black, they were able to draw a 3D version of what a Greek vase may have looked like. They also added Greek symbols and patterns to their work.

Grade 4 - Marvelous Metallic Creatures
For this project, students got to be creative in the iLab using metal, chemicals, and fire. Equipped with one sheet of copper, students formed an organic shape that looked like a sea creature or insect. They used a variety of tools to give form to their creations and then used chemicals such as vinegar, salt water, and Miracle-Grow to tint the metal.

World Music Concert

The World Music Concert began strong with a group of fourth grade students playing “Blast From the Past” on the marimbas. Throughout the concert, groups of fourth grade students continued to wow the crowd on the marimbas playing songs called “Waves,” “Steppin’ Out” and “The Trouble With Bees.”

Pre-K and Kindergarten students joined together on stage for a performance of a Zimbabwean folk song and a Chinese folk song. Grade 1 students sang “Hello to All the Children of the World” and performed the song “Light up the Sky” complete with glowing t-shirts and swirling ribbons.

Grade 3 students performed Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” on the recorder, and kept the beat to the fun song “La Vida Ed Un Carnaval” before Grade 4 returned to sing “Fifty Nifty United States”.

It was Grade 2’s time to shine with “Haru Aa Kita,” which is a Japanese folk song about the arrival of spring. Next, they performed a traditional Indian folk dance called Dandiya-Raas to the song “Chakkardi Bhammardi”.

The recorded World Music Concert program can be viewed here.


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