Live Theater Returns to Shore

On October 29, live theater returned to Shore for the first time since March 2020 with the performance of monologue studies by the ninth grade students in the yearlong Advanced Theater Arts (ATA) course. The audience of students and faculty was masked and socially-distanced from one another, but the energy was palpable as each performer stepped on the stage of the Trustey Family Theatre to present their monologue.

“ATA students tackle these solo performances at the beginning of the year as a sort of rite of passage,” said theater arts teacher Sarah Carlin. “They research dozens of monologues before finding one that they connect with. This year, one student, Shane Cardarelli, chose to write his own monologue, and the audience was riveted.” The students prepared for weeks before their performances, working on character analysis, vocal exploration, pacing, and physical expressiveness. Finally, when it was time for each performer to take the stage, “They had to rely solely on themselves,” said Carlin. “After the presentation, several Upper School students, as well as the performers’ ninth grade peers, said that they were so impressed with the emotional range and depth of these aspiring Thespians. Bravo, ATA!”

Watch the monologue performances below.