Our Philosophy

Providing a challenging educational program for children from Pre-K through Grade Nine, Shore seeks to create a stimulating learning experience for our students. We recognize the various developmental stages of children as they grow, and working in partnership with the family, Shore encourages academic, personal, creative, and physical development consistent with each child's potential. Above all, we put students at the center of their own learning, supported by gifted faculty with the ability to engage each individual learner.

Our tradition is exemplified in the balance of the liberal arts education. Our dynamic is borne of community, connection, and creativity. Faculty members are proud to see themselves as guides and coaches in the classroom, allowing students to become critical thinkers who possess self-confidence and personal integrity. We believe in communicating standards of performance and behavior so that children can become reliable citizens who take responsibility for their own actions. We encourage them to find strength in diversity, appreciate differences of opinion, and recognize the necessity for mutual respect among all individuals. 

Strong values and ethics, a habit of service to others, and an expanded academic world view help students to recognize that we are all part of a global community. These are the intangibles of character and leadership that Shore builds, from kindergarten problem-solving groups and fifth grade Junior Senate through ninth grade service projects. Character, equity, and justice education are part of the curriculum—and part of life—at Shore. In an inspiring learning community, students, teachers, and staff strive to live by the Shore Community Code encouraging respect, kindness, tolerance, honesty, and responsibility. By developing a willingness in each child to take appropriate risks in such a supportive learning environment, we inspire in our students a genuine love of learning.

We Are Shore

  • Dean of Students Sean Melia on the Community Code