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Welcome to Admissions

“In the middle of the day, I had to remind myself that this was school because I was having so much fun!”
— New student, Grade 2
Meet our Office
Lee Carey
Director of Admissions and Secondary School Counseling
(978) 927-1700, ext. 207

With over 20 years at Shore, Lee is a veteran in the field of admissions and is thoroughly versed in the evaluation of young candidates. As the parent of three Shore graduates, and as the school's secondary school counselor, her knowledge and breadth of information about the programs is thorough. She views the admissions process as a positive occasion for families to learn more about their own children. "Evaluating 4 and 5 year olds never fails to keep my job fresh and lively, and working with older students extends my focus on the cycles of growth and development in children."

Daphne Faldi
Associate Director of Admissions
(978) 402-3806
Inspired by her own work during her student years in admissions, Daphne brings her experience in sales and her enthusiasm for Shore to work every day.  “Shore gave me the desire and curiosity to learn.  It was the foundation for my future schooling, and I cannot say often enough how influential those early years were for me.”  As the mother of three young sons, Daphne knows the experiences of young parents as well as their questions about elementary education.  She is eager to connect prospective families to all of the resources that will help them to learn about Shore.

Laura Bell
Asst. to Director of Admissions and Secondary School Counseling; Registrar
(978) 927-1700, ext. 204
Application Supplemental Forms
Pre-K (Readiness), Kindergarten, and Grade 1
Student Evaluation for Pre-K /K/1(includes the Transcript Request Form)
Transcript Request Form* (transcripts are not required for Pre-K and K candidates unless the parent chooses to have them sent to Shore. We DO require Kindergarten transcripts for candidates to Grade 1)
Grades 2-9
Admissions Process Calendar
Campus Visit and Parent Interview     
  • Individual tours can be arranged on most days of the school year and throughout the summer. School day appointments offer the added opportunity to schedule class visits as well.
  • In addition, parents of applicants should schedule a one-on-one meeting with either Lee Carey or Daphne Faldi.
Admissions Testing

  • Admissions testing for Shore's most flexible grades of Kindergarten and Grade 1 is on-going.
  • Spring and summer admissions testing for grades 2-9 is scheduled individually and according to space availablilty. 
Application and Financial Aid Form Completion

The online Application submitted through infosnap provides us with your child’s basic biographical information for our database, ensuring that you are notified of any pertinent admissions deadlines, etc.
  • You will also receive a link from infosnap to the Admissions Tracker, so that you can monitor the status of receipt of the required forms for your child’s application.

Admissions at Shore
Exceptional Education Begins at Shore!

  • Small Classes
  • Outstanding Faculty
  • Premier PreK-Grade 9 Curriculum
  • Top Facilities

Expanding the learning experience for strong students, Shore prepares its graduates to advance in high school, excel in college, and prosper as life-long learners. Let your child begin at Shore!

Enrollment is most accessible at Kindergarten and Grade One, but come explore Shore's opportunities for any grade of interest. Our offices are open throughout the summer months.
Head's Holiday fun
Admissions Events
Boston Children's Theatre Summer Studios
6/24/2014 9:00 AM
   to 8/11/2014 3:00 PM

Summer Shore - Boston Soccer Academy

Summer Shore - Girls' Field Hockey

Opening Day
8:00 AM