Independent Study

The Independent Study program offers Upper School students the opportunity to design an investigation into a topic of their choice, usually one not normally covered in the existing Upper School curriculum. Over the course of one to three terms, students work to complete a project that demonstrates their understanding of the subject matter. A faculty or staff mentor is chosen to guide the student through the study.

Shore students are creative and have diverse interests. In the past few years, independent study topics have included ceramics, oil painting, mixed media collage, photography, videography, French, Chinese, Russian, American Sign Language, sewing and fashion design, cheesemaking, vegan cooking, money management, advanced Algebra topics, programming, robotics, novel writing, short story writing, comic book illustration, gardening, welding, and building various objects like skis, skateboards, chairs, and a quadcopter!

Goals of the Program

Our goals for the program include:
  • providing opportunities for student-directed learning
  • promoting creativity and innovation
  • fostering independence and accountability
  • strengthening relationships between students and faculty