Haering '13 Finds Passion for Coding at Phillips Exeter

Phillips Exeter's Exonian newspaper recently profiled Will Haering, a Shore alumnus of the Class of 2013. 

According to the student-run publication, 

At the age of 18, four-year senior Will Haering has already worked with graduate students at an MIT engineering lab, started a non-profit organization, flown 3,000 miles from Boston to San Francisco to live by himself, worked for a tech startup, learned seven programming and markup languages and received a job offer from Facebook. All of these opportunities, which have expanded his horizons far beyond Exeter, have sprung from his passion: computer programming.

Haering developed the Exonian's website and, along with fellow students, helped turn it into a publishing platform any school could use. They created the non-profit Project for Better Journalism (PBJ), which provides high schools with a customizable template based on The Exonian’s website. The aim of the project is to help support student journalism programs.

During his time at Exeter, Haering has also coded for MIT's Precision Engineering Research Group (PERG), where he worked on audio analysis software.

His Facebook job offer came in the early fall of his upper year, when a Facebook recruiter contacted Haering, thinking he was a college student. The social network gave Haering a conditional job offer for when he turned 18.

During the summer between his upper and senior year, Haering traveled to San Francisco and took a programming position with a
 small, 80-person startup called Symphony Commerce, which provides business software for warehouse inventory management, website creation, and other services. He will return to that company when he graduates. 

In the meantime, at Exeter, Haering will continue in his role as a programmer for the Admissions Office, where he works on the technology side of the admissions process and manages software to coordinate tour guides. He'll also continue as a campus tour guide himself, as well as serving as a house proctor.

Read the complete profile at The Exonian Online.