At Our Finest Campaign

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Why We Support Shore

"If everybody gets involved you have hundreds of people, who even at modest amounts of contributions, can make a significant impact."
– John Collins, Trustee; P '20, '21, '23, '25

"One of the things that always struck my husband and me about Shore is the deep knowledge of the child development process that the school has always held. They always seem to be right on target; not just academics, but socially as well."
– Priscilla Singleton, Former Grandparent

"Shore prepared me well for boarding school, for college, and for life. Under Larry Griffin’s leadership over the past thirty years, the beautiful campus has flourished. The Shore community is well known for its care for the children; the faculty are dedicated to teaching. As an alumnus, I am proud of all of us who continue to take care of the school for the next generation of students, which is why I encourage contributing to this impactful capital campaign." 
– Nat Coolidge '53, P '80, '81, '85 and former Trustee

Faculty Share Their Excitement

"The campaign is so exciting as a new building is always about possibilities. As the faculty advisor to the Upper School boys' a cappella group, the Acafellas, it has been thrilling to lead this talented group on the main stage in the new theatre. A personal favorite moment was emceeing and performing in our annual Acapalooza concert, which brings together incredible talents from local high schools and one local college. To everyone's amazement, the beautiful sound of their voices carried throughout the entire theatre. What a night!" 
– Kent Vienot, Upper School Math; P '14, '15

"Shore’s Kindergarten wing boasts new cubbies, natural sunlight, natural wood in the room, and colors that are soothing; the classrooms are kid-friendly. Each Kindergarten classroom has access to wonderful technology such as SmartBoards, iPads, and Apple TV; direct access to the playground; the teachers have so many different resources available to teach the children, who learn all different ways."
– Keisha Myrie and Colleen Ruble, Kindergarten