Application Process

Grades 2-4 Class Visiting & Assessment

Shore’s goal in screening applicants for any grade level is a happy and successful placement in our educational community. With this goal in mind, we administer testing to Grade 2-4 candidates that looks both at a child’s present level of achievement and at his or her aptitude for future learning. A class visit rounds out our personal understanding of each child. 

Grade 2-4 candidates combine their class visits and admissions assessment during a single full school day (8:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.).

Candidates visit in classrooms at the same grade level that they are currently in so that they are with their peers. Assessment materials focus on math, literacy, and reading comprehension, while individual assessment elements are administered at separate times during a child’s visit. The timeframe for all elements combined is approximately one hour.

Registering for Visiting & Assessment

An Admissions application must be submitted prior to registering for a visit day. An assessment fee of $100 is due when registering.

On the scheduled day, visitors should arrive at the Admissions Office to meet their Shore student host, who will be their ‘buddy’ for the day, and escort them to class.