Graduates to Attend Top Schools in Fall 2020

This fall, Shore’s 2020 eighth and ninth grade graduates plan to attend an array of top schools in the region, including Shore’s own ninth grade program and several parochial and public high schools.

Of the more than 200 school applications submitted by the 62 members of the Classes of 2020 and 2021, 68% were accepted. According to Director of Secondary School Counseling Sander van Otterloo, “This continues Shore’s historically strong acceptance rate, demonstrating that admissions officers remain eager to welcome Shore graduates to their secondary school communities where our students thrive.”

Graduates plan to attend a total of 23 different schools, including two public high schools, two parochial schools, and 19 independent schools. One of the most popular choices, as it is every year, was Shore, with six eighth grade graduates planning to return for the Grade 9 program. Other top destinations are Pingree, Governor’s Academy, Phillips Academy, St. John’s Prep, and Phillips Exeter. “For us,” says van Otterloo, “the most important factor in secondary school placement success is finding the best fit for every student.”

“Still,” van Otterloo acknowledges, “the bottom line is that our eighth and ninth graders are incredibly well prepared to succeed in any high school program. Admissions officers know that Shore does a remarkable job with those things that enable students to thrive, not only in the areas of discussion, written communication, leadership, and service, but also in skills such as self-advocacy and the ability to build relationships with teachers. These are arguably as important as academics, sports, or anything else, both in admissions and in going on to succeed in high school.”