Opening Day a Celebration of Shore “Superheroes”

Adorned in a shiny blue cape, Head of School Clair Ward celebrated all Shore “superheroes” during the Flag Raising ceremony on Opening Day, September 4, 2019. Ward had spent the morning greeting students and families arriving for the first day of school, and when children later gathered with their classmates around the flagpole, waving to their families who had also joined the audience, she welcomed the entire Shore community for the official start of the school year. “I am thrilled to see you all back at Shore,” she began. “Things are so quiet on campus without you during the summer months. We miss you and are so glad that you are back.”

Ward then drew the audience’s attention to her superhero’s cape. It was a continuation of her Opening Day practice of wearing accessories to symbolize a theme for the school year, she explained. In prior years she had worn flowers to represent “growing” gratitude, and words of the Community Code to illustrate Shore’s core values. This year, she said, she was wearing a cape to acknowledge the heroic efforts of all Shore community members. “Did you know that the maintenance team is here all summer painting and mowing to get our school ready for today? They are Shore heroes. Did you know that your teachers and House captains have been planning an amazing year? They are Shore heroes. Did you know that our kitchen team has been here all summer thinking up new recipes to serve in the Dining Hall? They are Shore heroes, too.”

The Head of School continued, “I am wondering if I could be a Shore hero. Perhaps if I am kind and generous even when nobody is looking, I can be a Shore hero. In fact, let’s all be heroes this year.” Ward asked for a show of hands from those willing to act heroically during the school year. “If we all pull together and follow the Community Code, we can definitely have a superhero year.”

It was then time to raise the American and Shore flags, after which Ward led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Fifth graders sang “America the Beautiful” before the Flag Raising ceremony concluded, and students returned to their classrooms to begin the school year.