Schwartz '16 Helms Unique Amherst Club

In his first year at Amherst, Xander Schwartz 16 revitalized the colleges Sports Business and Analytics Club. A North Andover native and member of Amherst’s squash team, Schwartz arrived at Amherst with a passion for getting behind the numbers and learning what makes professional sports work. “I am incredibly passionate about sports analytics; it’s what I want to do with my life,” he says. 

According to its charter, the club’s purpose is to help students develop the necessary analytical skills for careers in sports analytics and to educate students about general opportunities to work in sports. To meet that goal, the club forges connections with Amherst alumni who work in the sports industry, and members attend sports conferences and sports analytics competitions. “It's a mix of people who just genuinely love sports and love talking about it and love learning about it,” Schwartz says. “I would say people who are sports fanatics make up 65 percent of the club.”

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    • Xander Schwartz; photo by Maria Stenzel, Amherst College