Mimi Neal '05

Where do you live and what do you do? 
In 2015 my fiancé and I bought our first home in Beacon Hill, Boston. We have really enjoyed making a home in Boston together, especially since it is within walking distance to our work, family and friends.
I have been working at Fidelity Investments for the past two years and have come to truly love and respect the company. I have the awesome job of running Fidelity’s Internship Program. As the Internship Program Manager I create a new curriculum every summer that encompasses; leadership training, networking, financial literacy and career development for over 1,000 interns across the country. I also attend campus events at Fidelity’s strategic schools and recruit for many of our internship roles nationwide.

Why do you choose to support Shore and The Shore Fund each year?  
I choose to support Shore because the school truly influenced my childhood and my future education. I attended Shore from Kindergarten through the 9th grade, so really I grew up at Shore! Shore’s teachers, its supportive environment and the encouragement I received to be true to myself, helped me become the confident person I am today. I gladly choose to support Shore so that other students can have the same opportunities that were presented to me throughout my years there.

What inspired you to make your first gift as a Shore graduate?
My parents have always been strong supporters of the schools I attended. They taught me the importance of giving back to the institutions that helped me grow as an individual. I had a well rounded experience at Shore, participating in varsity athletics, school plays, improv classes, and singing groups. Shore allowed me to explore my many different areas of interest which is so important. I was able to be creative, academic and athletic, which I think is very important to a child as they start to find their unique areas of interest.

What schools did you attend after Shore? How did Shore prepare you for future learning and your career?
I attended Tabor Academy and then continued on to Bates College, go Bobcats! Shore did a wonderful job preparing me for the rigorous studies at Tabor. Shore taught me to seek out extra help when needed, ask for one on one time with teachers, and encouraged me to always ask questions. Because of this, I went into Tabor with the confidence to ask questions, to be an active participant in my classes, and to proactively ask my teachers for meetings when needed. I also know that my choice to stay at Shore for the 9th grade was the correct one. This year allowed me to mature and develop as a student and athlete and prepared me to live away from home and attend a boarding school. 
Do you have a favorite memory as a Shore student?
 There are so many memories that come to my mind when I think back to my Shore days…. I always went on the Shore camping trip, looked forward to my part in the Nutcracker, and loved our end of school year Field Day. One of my favorite memories was when I started my first year in the Upper School. I was so excited because I received my own locker and was finally walking the same hallway as the older students I had always looked up to (my sister Kate included!). As a Lower School student, I had exposure to the Upper School through the Big Sister mentor program. I remember my mentor coming down to my class to read with me, play cards and tutor me in some of my math work. I developed a wonderful relationship with her and was psyched to take on that role myself! I loved sharing my experiences with my Little Sister and inviting her to play on the Upper School playground. The Big Sister mentor program still stands out and I have awesome memories of participating in that program. 
    • My parents taught me the importance of giving back to the institutions that helped me grow as an individual.

    • Mimi at Shore’s 60th anniversary Field Day celebration.