Inspired for Life
Strategic Plan
Strategic Priorities

Teaching and Learning

Shore advances teaching and learning, empowering each student to be his or her best.

Develop an innovative system for external curricular review

Shore will pilot, test, and implement an external curriculum review process. Outside experts and Shore’s faculty and administration will partner to examine the academic program across grade-levels and academic disciplines. This work builds off of Shore’s strong teacher evaluation system and furthers Shore’s commitment to continually improving the educational experience for our students.

Deliver a relevant education through a concept-based, interdisciplinary curriculum with attention to the life-long skills of teamwork, creativity, ethics, resilience, curiosity, and time management
Our journey toward a curriculum that focuses on what is relevant for the short and long-term success of our students has been underway for some time. Continuing this journey by further integrating academic subject areas and by increasing the emphasis on Mission Skills remains a priority. As part of these efforts, Shore will develop common language across the Lower and Upper School to describe Shore’s approach.

Extend and expand Shore’s commitment to challenging students in a supportive and innovative environment
To enable each child to be his or her best, Shore is committed to examining the quality and extent of both the support and challenge we offer to students in all areas of their Shore experience. An investigation of best practices will guide Shore as it seeks to refine and expand its current offerings.