Inspired for Life
Strategic Plan
Strategic Priorities

Early Childhood Education

Shore expands its leadership in early education.

Review and reaffirm or adjust admissions practices and policies

In the 2014-2015 academic year, the Early Childhood Team will review existing admissions processes and best practices. Working to align our admissions assessments with a curriculum that emphasizes engagement, collaboration, and applications of knowledge, the school will continue to identify students who will thrive in the Shore community.

Expand opportunities for prospective families to experience Shore

Via program growth and strengthened communications, Shore will grow the avenues by which admissions families discover and participate in the school community. Among a variety of options, the Early Childhood Team will examine expanding geographic regions for marketing, augmenting existing summer programs, creating early education opportunities, and hosting functions that target the needs of young families.

Capitalize on Shore's nurturing pedagogy to articulate a compelling Lower School identity

Within the creative and expansive challenges of Shore's concept-based curriculum, the heart of Shore's Lower School program focuses on the growth of the individual. From providing support where needed and extra stretch for expanded learning, Shore inspires expression, builds resilience, and cultivates collaboration. Supported by the Lawrence A. Griffin Center for Creativity, infusing hands-on experiences and the arts into every child's experience exemplifies the school's holistic approach to educating the mind, body, and character. The Early Childhood team seeks to generate an articulation that more clearly matches the personal inspiration of Shore's Lower School program.