Your Impact

Volunteer Spotlights

We are thrilled to share our appreciation for Shore's volunteers and celebrate all of the ways they enrich and strengthen the Shore community. Thank you, Shore volunteers!
Michele Vaccaro P ’24, ’27
Chair, Parents Association, and Trustee
“I’ve spent half my life volunteering or working with children and adults in some form of educational setting. Education is the key to our future, and I enjoy dedicating my time in ways that contribute to this cause and help people and communities.”
Tim McEwen P ’26
“Volunteering has always been important to me as I love to help others in any way I can, especially at schools that Myles has attended. Being a Class Rep, library helper, kindergarten playdough maker, and PA executive member, I have loved being part of a community that feels welcoming and embraces the gifts you have to offer. I think of Shore as one large community that is inclusive of my whole family. We all have a significant role to play to promote and nourish our children’s education.”
Arlene Verde P ’24
Parents Association Class Rep
“Shore has offered an amazing and life-altering experience for my son, so I feel it’s important to give back. Participating in the PA helps me channel my energy into connecting with the Shore community on a deeper level and making an impact which I feel proud of.”
Nate Morgan ’08
“I stay involved with Shore mainly through the alumni and advancement office, helping spread the word about giving initiatives and reconnecting fellow alums back to the school. Though I was just a two-year student, Shore helped me immensely in my early academic years and put me on a path to have great experiences in high school, college, and beyond.”
Sandra Bonacorso P ’24
“Over the years, my now sixth grader has had countless happy days and tremendous academic and social-emotional growth—we are so grateful to Shore. When volunteering at Shore, whether it’s in the library or working with the Giving Tree, it’s been a joy to be on campus and a privilege to give back in some small way to the community that has given us so much.”
Patti Murphy P ’18, ’20, ’25
“I’m currently the Chair of the Parent Ambassador Program, a host family, and a Class Rep. In past years I’ve also volunteered with United in Service and the Library. I volunteer to engage with, and give back to, the Shore community. I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know some amazing families. I value the opportunity to gain insight and provide input into Shore’s programs and vision through volunteering.”
Jenelle Ries P ’25, ’28, ’30
The Shore Fund Class Captain, Admissions Ambassador, Parents Association Class Rep
“I think the role of a community member is to support the community! I fully embrace the role of Shore cheerleader and I want my own children to see how important it is to give back what you can to the people and places that are important to you.”
Alexa Squitieri P ’27
“Volunteering with the PA and in Admissions at Shore allows me a greater sense of connection to the school and enables me to give a bit of myself to the people who are doing so much for our son. I cherish the incredibly special collection of people who full the buildings—the reachers and administrators exceed my expectations day after day.”
Amanda Dobbins P ’18, ’21
“I’ve participated in many volunteer roles during our family’s 13 years at Shore. I volunteer because I love being part of the Shore community, getting to know my kids’ teachers and classmates, and I cannot imagine not giving back to this wonderful community. I’ve appreciated the parent partnership from the earliest years to this moment that will launch my youngest to the next stage of his life and education.”