Endowment & Special Funds

It is essential that we raise endowment dollars to undergird the school's financial foundation by providing critical fiscal resources for the future.
Whether it is in creating new and restricted funds for specific areas, such as faculty professional development or middle income scholarships, or by contributing to those already in place, continuing to strengthen our endowment today is an investment in Shore and in its future students.

Other Giving Opportunities

Head of School's Discretionary Fund
Professional Development
  • Summer Enrichment Endowment Fund
  • Ann Marie Kern and Charles H. Ellis, Jr. Professional Development Fund
  • Past President’s Fund
  • The Colloredo-Mansfeld Family Endowment Fund for Faculty
Tuition Relief
  • Lawrence A. Griffin Endowed Fund
  • Anita Barbato Scholarship Fund
  • Bobbi Whiting Endowed Fund
  • Stephen Phillips Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Claire Saltonstall Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Theda Clark Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Melden Family Fund
  • Alice P. Chase Grant
  • Lynch Foundation Fund
  • Peter E. Strauss Trust Fund
Technology Initiatives
  • Edward A. Taft, III Technology Fund
  • Lawrence A. Griffin Endowment for Student Character Development
Faculty Endowment
  • The Loring Faculty Prize
  • The Eijk de Mol van Otterloo Faculty Endowment
  • Parents of Graduates (POG) Fund
Academic Endowment
  • Brian R. Walsh Science Fund
  • Clifton M. Whiting Memorial Fund
  • Eileen Shea Spingler Enrichment Fund
  • Virginia L. Kinney Library Endowment Fund
  • Science Program Enhancement Fund
  • The President's Fund
  • Michael E. Davenport Athletic Fund
Creative and Performing Arts
  • Raymonde Neel Memorial Fund
  • Joan M. Nigro Art Endowment Fund
Future Endowment Opportunities
  • Faculty Chairs
  • Facilities
  • Global Learning Initiatives
  • Further leveling of tuition costs

A Graduation Tradition: The Parents of Graduates Fund

In 1997, the Parents of Graduates (POG) Fund was developed to acknowledge faculty dedication to educational, artistic, athletic, and personal growth. POG is a professional growth experience honoring our faculty. Shore faculty members submit proposals for a professional growth experience that will ultimately allow them to become more innovative in their teaching.  The faculty recipient is chosen by lottery and is awarded funding to complete his/her program.  Previous award winners have investigated Incan ruins, traveled across the United States, explored literary sites across England, and wandered through the Black Caves of Spain.
For more information about Shore’s Parents of Graduates Program, please contact the Advancement Office.

Walter Morris, 2011 POG recipient, Haiti

“One morning late in the first week, we met the woman whose family would be moving into the house we were finishing. Through an interpreter she expressed her appreciation and said that she would pray for us. This was one of many times that I was reminded of how fortunate I am. It was a gratifying, humbling encounter.”