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There are items for kids, alumni, parents, and grandparents. Check it out! Display your Shore pride while cheering on your favorite team out on the fields.

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While these items are available for anyone in the Shore community, some items are required for students entering grades 5-9.

Sports clothing requirement for 5th grade Physical Education and Upper School Sports:
  • Shore T-Shirt
  • Shore Shorts
  • Appropriate Footwear – sneakers or cleats
How to get Shore sportswear:
  • Shore sportswear can be ordered from the Shore Web Store. Clothes ordered through the Web Store are shipped directly to your home.
  • Shore has a limited supply of shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants available throughout the year.
  • Visit Shore's Replay Closet for P.E. clothing or the Birdcage for specialty Shore items.