SAIL | Pre-K to Grade 2

Integrated arts and science experiences foster learning for understanding at Shore. In Pre-K through Grade 2, art and science curricula are integrated in a unique program called SAIL (Science and Art Integrated Learning). Young students learn to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the natural world through hands-on explorations as both artists and scientists, and through experimentation with a variety of media. Children are inspired and motivated to solve challenges, moving fluidly between disciplines while using a full range of materials from clay, paint, and wood to an iPad, SmartBoard, and electronic robots. The integrated arts and science program aims to foster independent and collaborative opportunities for meaningful discovery while encouraging many typically unmeasured aspects of student development.

SAIL in Motion

Betsey Holland, SAIL teacher

“Our littlest students in Pre-K and Kindergarten delight in making things with their hands, especially if it is gooey! They love surprises, such as the ant farms, and are even more excited when they get their projects to work!”
“With an integrated arts and science program, children are motivated to solve challenges, which encourages many typically unmeasured aspects of student development, and inspires collaborative opportunities for meaningful discovery.”