Middle School | Grades 6-8

When Shore students transition from Lower School to Upper School, they begin to experience a different type of school community. With an integrated curriculum designed to enhance all subjects, students are actively involved in their own learning experience, especially around the Harkness tables in English, history, and science classrooms. The Upper School is a vibrant and supportive place where students continue to grow and find their voice. Teachers, who are also student advisors, encourage their students to step outside their comfort zone to engage with new ideas and experiences. In their traditional subjects and independent studies, it is this journey that opens students’ eyes to a world of possibilities.

In addition to regular classes, Upper School students have the option to select art, music, and theater classes based on personal interest, run for an elected position on the Student Senate, or try out for an a cappella group, such as Acafellas or Puellae Cantantes. Team sports are required for all, and overnight trips are a highlight for each grade in Upper School. These weeklong trips build on community and strengthen the bonds between classmates and their teachers. Service learning is built into the curriculum, encouraging students to engage with the broader community through regular trips to work and learn from others.

We invite you to check out our individual Grade 6-8 curriculum pages to see how Shore offers the foremost middle school learning experience available on the North Shore. The best is within reach!

Experience a day in the life of Shore students.

    • From all-school morning House Meeting to afternoon sports and music, every day at Shore is full of inspiration.

    • Eighth graders discuss their reading around the Harkness table.

    • Regular service learning trips are part of the curriculum for Grades 7 and 8.

    • Extracurriculars include joining one of Shore’s a cappella groups such as Acafellas.