Grade 9

Shore’s ninth grade program is a transformative year of discovery, achievement, and personal growth. Ninth graders at Shore are the seniors on campus, and thrive as student leaders, musical lead actors, literary magazine editors, sports team captains, and role models and mentors to the younger students on campus.

Off campus, ninth grade students relish travel and service experiences which remain touchstones for graduates long after they depart. In the fall, they embark on a weeklong trip from the culturally and historically rich city of Memphis, Tennessee, to the remote village of Glendora, Mississippi, where the students assist with projects to benefit underserved local residents. In the spring, ninth graders journey to Costa Rica on a challenging itinerary that includes exploring the geology and wildlife surrounding the volcano Rincón de la Vieja, as well as studying threatened sea turtles and partnering in service with local residents in the tiny village of Ostional, on the Pacific coast.

By design, the ninth grade curriculum incorporates many such unique opportunities—including a class with the Head of School—to prepare them for their secondary school search and future high school experiences. A major, yearlong course in integrated arts heightens their experience in self-expression and presentation while overnight class trips further promote connections with teachers and community within the grade. World language study offers advanced courses in both Spanish and Latin; English focuses on writing across the curriculum, such as short stories, essays, memoirs, research papers and analytic reports; mathematics offers algebra and geometry; science pursues living organisms, genetics, and evolution.

Our ninth grade students go on to the nation’s top secondary schools exceptionally well-prepared to handle the challenges and independence of high school, college, and beyond.

We invite you to check out our Grade 9 curriculum page to see how Shore creates a senior year experience that is unmatched on the North Shore.

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