Elementary | Grades 2-5

At Shore, there is a natural progression in the Lower School curriculum. Starting in first grade, students explore living things, learn to communicate their ideas clearly, apply math concepts that enhance their critical thinking skills, discuss the school’s Community Code, manners, and increase their library knowledge. Literacy growth continues with small reading groups, while personally tailored instruction allows student confidence and independence to grow exponentially.

By fifth grade, students are actively exploring global issues and questioning historical facts, fine-tuning their writing processes, expanding on mathematical problem solving, and learning essential research skills. There is a focus on accountability for one’s self, and an emphasis on leadership with the Big Buddies program and Junior Senator opportunities. Fifth grade is also the first year that students take an overnight class trip.

We invite you to check out our individual Grade 2-5 curriculum pages to see how Shore offers the premier elementary learning experience available on the North Shore. The best is within reach!

Experience a day in the life of Shore students.

    • From all-school morning House Meeting to afternoon sports and music, every day at Shore is full of inspiration.

    • Conversations get lively in the Inspiration Garden.

      Conversations get lively in the Inspiration Garden.