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Mission Skills

Across the curriculum and at every grade level, Shore faculty refer to a core framework that encourages many typically unmeasured aspects of student development–such as teamwork, resilience, curiosity, and creativity–that have been proven to correlate with real life outcomes.

These character skills are so central to Shore’s mission that we are one of only a handful of Massachusetts independent schools to have implemented what is known as the Mission Skills Assessment (MSA), a research-based suite of tools to measure how our curriculum instills in learners these critical abilities.

MSA Facts at a Glance

List of 9 items.

  • Skills

    Teamwork, creativity, ethics, resilience, curiosity, and time management
  • Population

    6th, 7th, and 8th grade students
  • Test length

    • Student assessment – 60 minutes
    • Teacher-rater assessment – approximately 10 minutes to rate one student
  • Test frequency

    Once per year in the fall
  • Test window

    Mid-October – Mid-December
  • Assessment design – MTMM (multi-trait, multi-method)

    • Student self-report
    • SJT, biographical data, fluency tests, and other student-completed performance measures
    • Teacher assessment (each student is individually rated by a teacher)
  • Test Items and Scoring

    • Test items based on psychological and educational theories and have undergone extensive factor analysis to ensure reliability and validity
    • Item types and scoring developed by Educational Testing Services
  • Reports

    • Annual school reports delivered in April
    • No tracking or reporting of individual student performance. All data are reported at the school level.
  • Participation (2013-14)

    • 70 INDEX schools
    • Approximately 13,000 students
The Mission Skills Assessment was developed by the Independent School Data Exchange (INDEX), of which Shore is a member.