Visual Arts

Ruth Bauer, Arts Department Chair

“Students love coming to the art room – even during recess – to draw or dabble with different materials.  I love these informal opportunities to nurture a young artist who is discovering his or her creative voice!”
Shore has a dedicated faculty who strive to instill in students a deep appreciation of the visual arts through exposure to various media, artists, and the art traditions of different cultures. All Shore students practice the steps of the creative process, of going from a blank page to a finished work of art, in a full range of materials and techniques. Students are taught the rigors of craftsmanship and encouraged to stretch their imaginations in every art project. Through the process of making art, Shore students gain confidence in expressing themselves and their creativity.

In September 2013, the Arts department moved into sunny, spacious studios in the new facility where students are exploring the possibilities of design by combining traditional crafts with technology in an innovation lab.